What is spirituality?

A lot of people, myself included, become interested in spirituality because they think it will give them something or add something to their lives.

In fact, no matter how many yoga classes you take, or how many books you read, the only way you are really ‘progressing’ is when something resonates deep within you, with that part of¬†you that already knows something to be true.

The truth cannot be given to you – you have to feel it. So I can’t tell you. It’s not something I or anyone else has. You have to find it for yourself. And I’ll give you a clue, it’s in the last place you’d think to look for it – yourself.

Everything in this world is a communication. Every conversation we have moves us closer to understanding. We are evolving every second. This is obvious, but it’s easy to forget sometimes, easy to think that we are somehow staying static. Therein lies the illusion.

Through this blog I am sharing my musings with you. Have I ‘made it’? Am I ‘enlightened’? This is a question I sometimes ask myself, and it’s only the ego seeking to get somewhere¬†or get something, which is truly impossible. When I’m resting in the enlightened space, that question just doesn’t arise. Who cares when all there is is this very moment!? You never ‘make it’, you just realise you were there all along. And you are free to realise that at any moment.

Keep dropping the struggle, the striving. Let all the crap drop away, all the stories about who you are and where you’re going. You don’t need them. You’re already here. You’ve arrived. It’s scary, but you’re here, you’re alive. And you will always be part of this.

This is eternity. Nothing is ever lost.


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