The beauty of a meaningless life

When you realise (and when I say realise, I don’t mean know intellectually) that everything comes from nothing, you feel peace on a very deep level.

If life is by its very nature meaningless, then what else is there to do, what other higher purpose could there be, other than to be happy? Not just happy like a kid on Christmas day, but genuinely, deeply, content, at ease and fulfilled.

“But what about my family, and my career? These things give my life meaning and make me happy, how can you say that they’re meaningless?”, you say.

Just stop for a moment and think about, if you were truly happy, how much better these things would be for you, and how much better you could contribute to them. How would you behave, and how much more would you appreciate the things in your life, if you were at peace right now?

What could matter more than your own happiness, both for yourself and for others?

Does wanting happiness for yourself sound selfish to you?

Then just think, just imagine for a second, how happy and free you would be to help someone else, if you were already happy yourself!

There’d be no agenda, none of this ‘I’ll help you if you help me in return’. You could afford to just give, and not worry about what happens next.

So embrace the meaninglessness. Why take life so seriously? It’s just a game at the end of the day, and you can’t take any of your ‘winnings’ with you when you die.

It’s the most terrifying thing to do, the thing you ego fights desperately against, but you can actually afford to let go. Just release all that you’ve been holding on to. Say goodbye. You’re going to have to when you die anyway, so why not do it now? Embrace the uncertainty, and see what happens.

You might be surprised to find that when you stop caring about the things that ‘matter’ to you – those things, people or activities that you think make you happy – they come alive to you in a whole new way.

Imagine feeling alive and present not just when you’re speaking to that special person or doing that favourite hobby, but most of the time.

It is possible. Can you feel that? Can you realise the power of your own mind?

It’s okay to feel closed to it at first. It’s all baby steps. Just keep questioning, and observing the way you interact with life. There’s no rush. You’re already here. It’s just a case of when you’re ready to let go and dive into the uncertainty and beauty of life.

Then you will find lasting inner peace, and wonder what the hell you had been doing before.


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