The time to awaken

A dramatic but silent shift is happening in the world at the moment. Whilst it might seem on the surface like humanity is headed for disaster, like there is little hope left, something beautiful is happening. People are starting to wake up.

What does this mean? It means that we are awakening from the illusion of suffering, from the pain we have brought upon ourselves, from the dream of the ego.

This blog is calling out to all of you who can feel this change. Maybe you are curious about the idea of awakening – what does it mean? Is it happening to me? Or maybe you already know you are going through the awakening process. Whatever your situation, I welcome you to share your story, to hear others, and to follow that instinct within you that yearns for self-discovery. No matter how obscured and confused, that instinct is always there.

Spiritual awakening is a very real phenomenon

I have no proof of this other than my own personal experience. Perhaps something might resonate with you, or perhaps not. I can only advise that you read with a open mind – curious yet skeptical. Nothing need be believed blindly, for that would merely be another trick of the ego.

We need to open the way for true, honest communication. Only then can we start to see through the myriad of cultural and personal lies that surround us. When we are honest with ourselves and brave enough to start to look inward, we can find a peace and love that we never knew existed. But it is not an easy path to take. In fact, it is the most difficult path you will ever take, but in truth you have been taking it your whole life. Everything has led to where you are now; that basic instinct is there within you, and it is impossible to lose. So there is hope. There is always hope.image

Why are we as a species inflicting such disgrace upon each other and the planet? We must look inwards, for the root that drives wars, discrimination and ignorance is the same root that lives in you. Real change can only start from within each individual Рif we do not get to the root within ourselves, then how can we expect to see true change in the world?

So this is a platform to engage those parts of us that are real, that are yearning for something more. Please do get in touch. Community can be so helpful, if only to know that you are not alone. I am intrigued to see for how many others out there this internal change is starting to happen.

If you are reading this and are not sure whether you are awakening, be rest assured that something within your soul is seeking to prepare you for what is coming. All you have to do is stay open to new ideas, meditate, and observe your reactions. Try and stay present as often as you can. Your opening will arrive when the time is right.

Seen from a higher perspective, our whole life is an awakening – it may just take a catalyst for us to realise that we are, and always have been, whole and completely fulfilled within ourselves, that the power of the whole universe rests within our hearts, and that we are both completely alone and never alone at the same time.

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