Fish looking for water

Imagine that all the fish in the sea are searching for water.

Completely unknowingly, they are on an entirely futile search.

It is quite an amusing image, but it is not at all dissimilar to the way we humans go about much of our lives.

Let’s replace water with the feeling of fulfilment.

“Fulfilment, fulfilment, where can I feel fulfilled?” might be the undercurrent of our daily activities. “It must be in the future, with that new job, or that new pair of shoes, or maybe with a different partner”.

Searching, searching, always searching, not there yet.

It might seem ludicrous to such a person that if they only stopped searching, they would see that fulfilment lies right under their nose, in this very moment. In fact, the only place where it has never existed is in the past or future.

Let’s return to the image of the fish searching for water. Imagine one fish suddenly wakes up and realises, “Oh my God – water is HERE! We’re IN IT!”.

image1 (1).JPGHe’s probably going to want to tell everyone immediately. It’s like he’s just discovered a miracle. And do they believe him? Of course not. They think he’s mad.

However, some of them, too, have had glimpses of the truth. Part of them understands. So preposterous does it seem, however, so blindingly obvious, that they run from the truth immediately. Either that or it threatens everything they hold dear.

You see, the ego cannot accept how completely and utterly¬†ordinary¬†the nature of things are. The ego wants to be special, to win, to ‘get it’. But when it realises that to truly ‘get it’, it has to give up the search and accept total ordinariness, it is not happy at all.

So after our awakened fish has seen clarity, but no one understands him, does he keep going on about it? Probably not, unless the mood took him, or someone asked him.

After all, what is there to say? What is, is. He lives in water, and he knows it. That’s all there is to it. So he can relax. There’s nothing to stress about anymore. Water has been found, and now he can just spend his days seeing where the currents take him.

All is well, as it has always been.

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