What is spirituality?

A lot of people, myself included, become interested in spirituality because they think it will give them something or add something to their lives.

In fact, no matter how many yoga classes you take, or how many books you read, the only way you are really ‘progressing’ is when something resonates deep within you, with that part of you that already knows something to be true. Continue reading “What is spirituality?”

Your ego – the biggest hypocrite of all

First of all, what is the ego?

The ego is a term used to describe the conditioning, concepts and ideas you have acquired during your life that act as a lens through which you view the world. It was put there by you yourself as you went through different life experiences, as a way to make sense of the huge amount of input you received from the external environment. The ego constructs itself through first-hand experience (for example, being bitten by a dog once might leave you with a fear of dogs), as well as second-hand ideas we get from our culture and society (for example, the belief that some vocations are ‘better’ than others). Every belief and unconscious reaction you have is the result of your ego. Continue reading “Your ego – the biggest hypocrite of all”

The beauty of a meaningless life

When you realise (and when I say realise, I don’t mean know intellectually) that everything comes from nothing, you feel peace on a very deep level.

If life is by its very nature meaningless, then what else is there to do, what other higher purpose could there be, other than to be happy? Not just happy like a kid on Christmas day, but genuinely, deeply, content, at ease and fulfilled.

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What awakening can feel like

Every day is different, and it’s difficult to describe what actually changes with a spiritual awakening, but here is one of my diary entries from November 2016:

I feel a kind of aching in my heart. Time is going so slowly, and I think I’m really realising that there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. It’s all the same. Occasionally I’ll think of the fact that it’s eternity, and there’s a slight repelling feeling, but that fear is mostly long gone, just the tiny remnants remain.

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The time to awaken

A dramatic but silent shift is happening in the world at the moment. Whilst it might seem on the surface like humanity is headed for disaster, like there is little hope left, something beautiful is happening. People are starting to wake up.

What does this mean? It means that we are awakening from the illusion of suffering, from the pain we have brought upon ourselves, from the dream of the ego. Continue reading “The time to awaken”

Fish looking for water

Imagine that all the fish in the sea are searching for water.

Completely unknowingly, they are on an entirely futile search.

It is quite an amusing image, but it is not at all dissimilar to the way we humans go about much of our lives. Continue reading “Fish looking for water”